The High Forest

Road to Womford

After The loss of Gurdis the group fell into a pitiful depression and lost the desire to fight on… Meeting a group of barbarians from the north they fell in with them on their way to Summit Hall. They told them of their adventures, the strange cults and monasteries. Drinking away their sorrows the barbarians left the weak willed party.

Thinking there was a connection between the visions they were having, and the cults the party described, the Vikings decided it was best to rid this land of them. They set out to find and destroy these accursed cults and find out what they were up to.

Summit Hall was filled more of the weak willed pussies that the Vikings had come to learn inhabited this new land. They talked a bit and had little effect on the hardened northerners. They decided to head South to Womford. The slutty woman told Kjorni of some guy named Quanderil that may have some connection to the cult or something like that… Kjorni only remembered part of what she told him, but he did recall she sucked a good dick.

They found the men away when they came to Womford and decided to have their way with their women. They finally found out some information and was told Quanderil was there.

Cutting down on the small talk Kjorni decided to throw a barrel of salted fish at Quanderil to let him know what he thought about diplomacy and the row began.
Codpiece turned into an alligator and dined on salted fish and washed it down with some genasi. They took his boat and decided to head to an inn they could see across the river for some relaxation.

They went to Bargewright Inn and sold the cart and horses because I guess Kjorni thought it was gay to have them. Found out about some barge coming in to port in a few days. Decided that was boring and heard about another cult’s monastery in the middle of the river up North. Since that sounded like a good place to raid they headed there.
Coming upon a hoard of bandits and warlocks the Vikings crashed their boat through the chain barrier true to form and proceeded to raid the monastery.


sorry about the lame writeup but just wanted to add something – Tom or anyone else feel free to edit.

Road to Womford

Beat me to it! I’m finishing up the previous week’s write up now. If I have anything to add, I’ll definitely do it. But I’m not sure if I can top the picture of Ian flipping you off over the map.

Road to Womford

do we want to switch over to the Yggdrasil site that one is a lot better looking

Road to Womford

We could, or I could try to improve this one. All of the logs are here, and a few maps, but I haven’t put a ton of stuff up, so it wouldn’t be too tough. And those characters are mostly already on that campaign… I wasn’t able to change any of the images or styles or anything on this one when I tried, so not sure how much I could do to improve this one.

Road to Womford

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