Crith Blalath

Diseased scarred elven Monk who wears a mask and bandages to cover his body


Crith Blalath was an elf of the High forest. His family lived on the banks of the Delimblyr River which flowed south down from the Nether Mountains. When the river turned black that ghastly day it took away his family and all that he loved most dear in this world. The diseased waters almost killed Crith as a young lad if it was not for the monk who found him and brought him to the monastery. The years passed slowly as it does for the long-lived fey folk and Crith only remembered the years spent in prayer and meditation. He became a recluse and never showed his diseased scarred face – in fact he took to wearing a veil and eventually a mask to hide his deformity. The other monks tried to make him realize the error of his vanity but it was difficult for Crith to face the world so to speak.

He found solstice in his prayers to Torm and thought his salvation would be found through service. He practiced the god’s tenants to strike quickly and forcefully against rot in the hearts of mortals. He trained in the art of the open palm so that he would be ready to bring painful and quick death to traitors and protect all good beings in Faerun.

When they first brought the boy to the monastery he suspected that he might be slightly addled, but he was a good hearted lad and as cute as could be. No matter what Crith tried to show the lad of the ways of the monastery, the tenants of the faith, etc. He either could not grasp it or lacked the calling for it. Crith understood the way of the cloth was not a calling for everyone but it did not dissuade him from creating a lasting friendship with the boy.

He was away – which was not uncommon as he spent much time in meditation in the caves and woods around the monastery, when it was attacked. Gurdis told him of the orcs and this knight that came to save them. Crith was unimpressed at the time and went back to the woods and his prayers. When he returned the lad was gone and for the next five years Crith wondered at this impetuous human and felt a longing as he had lost his one true friendship.

As the years passed the woods had become dark around the monastery in more ways than one. It was clear that something was wrong. There was a creeping doom growing ever more stifling. When he heard rumors that Gurdis had become a Paladin of Tyr and joined the Order of the Gauntlet – Crith was surprised and more than a little proud his friend. Then and there he decided it was time to find his friend and together they would face this encroaching doom.

Crith Blalath

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